Imam in Denmark charged with hate speech

The prosecutor in Copenhagen has pressed charges against the imam Mundhir Abdallah, who had at a Friday sermon incited his followers to kill Jews.

– Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.
Moreover, he has preached since March 2017 that the West is corrupt and that Muslims need to build a caliphate governed by shariah law. According to him, they should also wage Jihad against Westerners.
The prosecutor says it is legal to cite texts from the Bible or the Koran, but inciting people to kill and other intolerant behavior is a crime.
– It has always been illegal to incite against ethnic groups but having priests doing this is new, Eva Rønne says on the Danish Prosecution Service webpage.

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Stupid, Blind and Deaf Scandinavia
Stupid, Blind and Deaf Scandinavia
25.7.2018 11:25

This was not the first or the last time when HATE was proclaimed against us, by an enemy in our OWN country/neighbourhood. We are complete idiots! We should have controlled them from day 1. Or still better: we should never have allowed this poisonous political ideology to get inside our nation.

26.7.2018 14:31

The funny thing is that still many Westerners think that these kind of preaches (that tell how Muslims should kill the Jews and start jihad war against Westerners) are just rare exceptions, which in fact is not true.
Unfortunately, blue-eyed Westerners do not have interest in Islam and don’t educate themselves what it really is and secondly, they do not no Arabian language (the real nature of Islam is given in their own language) and thirdly, the Westerners simply just trust too much in the attraction of their own culture – they just do not understand how worthless and filthy it (the Western life style etc.) looks in the eyes of the Muslims.