Mainstream media made a grave mistake while potraying Elin Ersson’s story

Elin Ersson’s case gets even more disturbing after weeks of fame. Practically everything failed in Ersson’s performance. Far Left’s vicious agenda should be crystal clear to everyone at this point. From now on everyone can see the true face of the mainstream media and their endgame.
The foreigner to be expelled was an Afgan citizen, whose deportation flight was cancelled by Ms.Erssons actions. According to most recent information, soon-to-be-deported man turned out to be violent criminal. Ms. Ersson thought that deportation was put in action without man’s consent, but this was not the case. Afgan man had sought help from the Immigration office to return to his home country out of his free will.
Afgan man and his family came to Sweden in late 2015. Soon after their arrival they moved Hudiksvall and waited official response for their asylum application. Things got out of hand soon, as the man was well-known for his violent behavior. He physically abused his wife and children regularly and got easily fit of rage.
During 14th of January 2018, he swiped his children multiple times with electric cord because they were making too much noise, according to father. Children were watching television before the outburst.
When father continued to abuse his children with the cord, his wife entered the room and tried to stop him. Children were able to escape, and they ran for their neighbor’s house. Man started to beat up his wife. He punched her several times in the face and smashed her head to the floor. Furthermore, the enraged husband started kicking her while she was laying on the ground. When the man loosened his grip for a while, the woman was able to run to the yard, where she finally passed out. At this point, neighbors finally intervened.
Husband faced prison sentence for 9 months. After his release, he contacted the Immigration officials.
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Ersson’s actions were widely celebrated all around the Scandinavia and many open border-activists have idolized Ersson for her bravery. She also received strong support from the mainstream media outlets. It’s not easy to fully understand the wickedness of these people. They worship and adore this naïve leftist radical, who has practically sabotaged the deportation of this violent, woman-hating thug.
All these “stop deportations”-organizations works the same way. They let these mentally unstable women to act like a great heroines, even though they are only supporting bad people who should not even be here.
Adjudication from the Nedre Norrlands Court of appeal. Man’s specific age has been estimated many times in the media. He has born in 1959, so he is 59 years old.

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10.8.2018 23:05

Elin Ericsson tuli kalliiksi Ruotsille. Rikollinen elätti, kulut yli 100000 euroa vuodessa. Tuo Elin pitää panna maksamaan nämä aiheuttamansa valtion menot ja rikoksen kohteiksi joutuvien kärsimyksistä oikeudenkäynnin oheistuksen mukaan.

She´s not well
She´s not well
12.8.2018 15:18

Ersson should seek help from the mental healt clinic.