SVT, a Swedish public service TV company’s partiality in yesterday’s electoral debate seen as a scandal

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The electoral debate on Friday evening escalated high and fast. An aftermath was unavoidable as SVT could not keep impartial even in this matter.

As usual in Sweden, whenever there is a debate, matters are debated fiercely and loudly. A true tempest arose when the subject of immigrants was raised. That moment marked a raise in temperature. Jimmie Åkesson made a statement:
– Repeating ‘When immigrants get employed, everything will be fine’ has been the slogan all this time. But that will not happen. That situation will never be. That is why we should ask ourselves why these people cannot find employment. And that is, because they are not Swedish. They simply have no place in Sweden and that is why it is hard for them to find a job.
This in turn got the current grand old mama of immigration proponents, Annie Lööf to hit the ceiling.
– What on earth are you saying?
Despite the harsh criticism against his views, Åkesson continued that the newcomers must adapt themselves to a life in Sweden as it is, and not, as the situation is now, expect Sweden to adapt itself to newcomers’ rules and conditions.
When this part of the discussion had been finished off, after just a short while, SVT commented on it. SVT’s editing office ‘distanced themselves from’ Åkesson’s statement and thus, just a few days before the elections, made a political statement of their own.
Eva Landahl, responsible for SVT’s Electoral programming has explained that when immigrants are being pointed out as a group that does not have a place in Sweden, it is a rough generalisation.
Within the Swedish Democratic Party, the happening is seen as a scandal.
– Elections coming in just a couple of days and a Swedish national public tv channel makes a statement by distancing themselves from the basic views of one party. It is a scandal, writes Åkesson on for example Twitter.

– Leila Drake–

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8.9.2018 17:16

Verovaroin ylläpidetyt valtiolliset mediat pitää lakkauttaa kaikkialla, niin se vain on.
Vain kraterokratian _hyväksymä_ kritiikki pääsee ääneen ja silloinkin manipuloidusti, ohjatusti (”keskustelu ohjelmat” ja media joka päästää läpi vain typerimmät argumentoijat jotta näkökannan blokki näyttäisi typerältä jne.) ja se koko kiero kokonaisuus.

9.9.2018 09:52
Vastaa...  ??

Ei niitä lopettaa tarvitse, vaihdetaan vain ohjelmisto ja henkilökunta normaaliin ja muutetaan rahoituspohja.