Green Party muslims tried to bribe Moderates, and other election frauds

Ali Khalil, Botkyrka

There have been many a strange happening in Sweden right before the elections. The biggest uproar has originated around Botkyrka Green Party as a muslim politician offered the Moderates thousands of votes in return of a mosque lot.

Botkyrka is a county south of Stockholm, where most of the residents have an immigrant background.
The Swedish Green Party has had a solid standing in the county, and the party’s group leader, Ali Khalil has many influential positions in the different organs of the county. He is even a town councillor.
The happening started last May, when a couple of members of the Moderate Party were invited for a visit to Alby mosque. The visit got a new turn when Ali Khalil, who had invited the guests to the mosque, makes a random suggestion: The Moderate Party will receive 3 000 votes, which will be enough for them to get into the town council, and would then in return provide the muslim parish a mosque lot.
Ali Khalil tells that the muslim parish has 4 500 members, and if an imam advises them during the Friday prayer to vote for the Moderates, and to match this, the Moderates would arrange for the lot.
The Moderates council did not, however, accept the suggestion right away,but instead they contacted the tv program ‘Uppdrag Granskning’ (Mission: Review), and a strategy was laid out together with them.
After some weeks, they contacted the mosque and brought a journalist from Uppdrag Granskning with them. Ali Khalil then proceeded by telling the guests:
– The people who visit the mosque every Friday, are very loyal towards the imam. If the imam tells them that moderates are the best choice for muslims, then they will vote for the moderates.
Somewhat later, Ali Khalil mentions that as the elections were just a week and thus, one Friday prayer away, a realistic number of votes to moderates would be 1 000 – 1 500 votes.
Since the case has been made public, Ali Khalil has denied the happening and refers to it as a misunderstanding. According to him, noone has promised away any votes. Despite this, the green party has given Khalil the boot and he has had to leave his honorary office.
Another way to fish for votes originated at the Swedish Social Democratic Party. In several locations, it has been revealed that social democrats have been arranging new Swedes free rides to the election sites. Especially new Swedish laidies have been affected by a nice drive in a vehicle and urged to decorate the election tag with a strategic x at the right place. In many cases, even if a new Swede already has their Swedish citizenship, they still don’t understand what voting actually means.
– Leila Drake–

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No brain, just a swede
No brain, just a swede
9.9.2018 12:30

M-infiltration is going on all over the Swedish society, from the lowest level up to the Government and in every aspect. The Swedish people are too stupid to realize what’s going on and too brainwashed to admit it.

Nestori Lundahl
Nestori Lundahl
9.9.2018 14:16

The Swedes are not stupid. They have long been very lucky and now they are “hejsan hoppsan falleralleraa”.

9.9.2018 14:58

Sweed’s never fight for sweeden , sweed’s was born with silver spoon in the mouth. .FINNISH PEOPLE FIGHT SISÄLISSODAN ,TALVISODAN ,JATKOSODAN + PAID CONTRIBUTION 300 000 000 MILJ. USA DOLARS + BILT UP COUNTRY FROM ZERO .Mutta matu paska sano Suomalaiset ovat rasisti ,fasisti .

9.9.2018 15:07
Vastaa...  Anonymous