Bus drivers in Uddevalla stop checking tickets as threat of violence ongoing

The current conditions in Uddevalla local traffic having deteriorated so much that as of Monday 04:00am, bus drivers of Uddevalla local traffic will no longer be asking the passangers for tickets, the reason being the all more pervading violence and threat thereof.

The Bus Drivers’ Union got enough and the solution is seen as the only possibility to somehow protect bus drivers against the escalating violence and constant threats they are faced with, asking passengers to show their tickets. The situation as such, we are told, has been ongoing in the county for a long time, but lately, the bus drivers have somehow got themselves exceedingly into violent circumstances.
According to the Union, this solution will be applied for the time being, until other methods can be developed. New Swedes of Uddevalla have thus got themselves an approved way of travelling for free. On the other hand, the cost for paying customers is expected to rise.
Uddevalla has risen to a no-go town in just a few years. Even with the population numbers around 55 000 people only, about 20% are of foreign origin.
–Leila Drake–

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Freya Snow
Freya Snow
10.9.2018 13:33

Ihanaa rikkautta.. On se niin mukavaa kun töissä saa pelätä uusruotsalaisten takia niin paljon ettei enää hintaakaan työstä pyydetä! 🙂 Samaa rikkautta Suomeen, aijai..

Tar of the slave ships
Tar of the slave ships
10.9.2018 14:17

Why pay if you don’t have to? Nobody dares/wants to disturb you while you just pass… Never forget uuninluukut and orjalaivojen terva!