Immigrant suburbs dominated by social democracy and leftism, according to election results

The election results show some interesting phenomenons.
Inside problematic immigrant suburbs, social democrats were overwhelmingly clear winners everywhere, left wing being second.

Malmö Rosengård has several constituencies. All in all, Social democrats’ part was at least a bit over 50 %. In Rosengård’s blackest core, Herrgården’s constituency, Social democrats received even 79,6 % of the votes, left wing 10,1 % and Sweden democrats just over a procent.
The participation procentage was low, 57 % only. The same tendency shows in the election results of all problematic suburbs in Malmö.
Below, a picture of the election result of the core of Rosengård.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-10 17-18-33
The difference is remarkable. Moving just a few kilometres to the south to a more Swedish area, Käglinge-Lockarp’s constituency, Sweden democrats rise to first place with 28,1 % and social democrats fall down to third place with 23 % of the votes. Even the voting percentage is higher here, 88 percent.
Below, a picture of the election result of the core of Käglinge-Lockarp.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-10 17-21-47
The same phenomenon also shows in Stockholm. When in Rinkeby, the votes go slightly over 70 % to Social democrats and left wing get the second place, Sweden democrats only received 2,5 %. The voting percentage is low with just over 57 percent.
Below a picture showing the voting percentage of Rinkeby core.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-10 17-27-37
Moving half a kilometre to the other side of the highway to Sundbyberg, to Little Ursvik (Lilla Ursvik) and electoral behaviour changes radically. Here, the Moderates win with their ample 30 percent and Sweden democrats rise to a third place.
Notice also the voting activity here: when in Rinkeby it is around 50 percent, in Little Ursvik just half a kilometre away it is above 90 %.
Below a picture of the voting percentage of Little Ursvik.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-10 17-32-10
Even when social democrats have traditionally a broad backing of the Swedish population, it appears that even new Swedes are keeping it supported. The same numbers repeat themselves over and over in all immigrant suburbs. Social democracy and leftism are themes of today.
Read on more election results here:
– Leila Drake –

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