A happy family: mother will become stepfather, father stepmother; the child is neither a boy, nor a girl, nor anything in-between


Great Britain is preparing for a somewhat different family happiness. The mother of Drave family will soon be it’s father. The father will instead become the mother. They are really going to rearrange the bits and pieces.

The Middlesborough couple, Louise and Nikki Draven, have been married for a long time, and they have a child of five years together, Star Cloud. The child is neither a boy, nor a girl, nor anything in-between, but will choose their sex themselves when older, the mother and father tell Dailymail.co.uk.
The father, Louise is the biological father of the child, but will soon become a woman. The child already calls father ”mummy”. In other words, Louise is Star Cloud-mite’s father, as well as stepmother. Mother Nikki is also undergoing a reshuffle and will soon be a real man. This will make Nikki the biological mother, as well as stepfather called Charlie.
– We want to take care of this matter now as we don’t want our child to spend childhood with a set of inadequate parents, say father-stepmother and mother-stepfather.
The child has a slightly freer life than other children in oppressive boy-girl roles; Star Cloud may indeed choose their sex when older, so far having lived with no gender. Resembling a yes man who is neither for, nor against anything, nor anything in-between.
– Star Cloud may play as desired, for example paint fingernails..
Star Cloud is, however already the age of asking questions and does so frequently.
– Once when we were swimming, I got the question why I was wearing a swimsuit and not what the other fathers were. I said I’m going to see a special doctor soon that will remove my ducky, the word Star uses for penis.
There have even been other moments of annoying confusion.
– Star was in kindergarten and somebody came to say they could not play with dolls as they are for girls. We sat down and told them that anybody is allowed to play with dolls. It is a good thing until one day, Star will become a father, too.
– Star replied: Maybe I won’t be a daddy but a mommy.
–Leila Drake–

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Don Donald
Don Donald
13.9.2018 07:42

Oha se varma. Eiku..ehkä se on jotain muuta.

14.9.2018 01:19

Panisin, kaikkia yhtäaikaa 😀

Freya Snow
Freya Snow
15.9.2018 10:42

Miten tämän sallitaan tapahtua.. Olen SANATON!!!!!! Täysin sairaita ihmisiä. 🙁