Sweden’s loose immigration policy towards third world continues


Sweden’s asylum immigration continues to the former pace. Self-made asylum seekers’ numbers has decreased since record years 2014 and 2015, but other than that, residence permits are issued at an even pace.

During the first half of the year, Sweden issued, all in all 66 661 residence permits. This is, however not the most interesting number to us, as it includes the so called real immigrants, who came here for a job, for example Americans and so forth.
When the number of real immigrants are deducted from it, what is left are the newcomers from the third world, mostly from islamic countries:

35 400 people.

Out of this number, there were 11 419 asylum seekers, quota refugees, etc. Of them, 274 people were issued a temporary or time-limited residence permit.
Family reunification made up 23 981 residence permits, which means that by the end of the year, a record amount of family reunification cases will be made. The largest part of these are permanent residence permits.
Applications for asylum mount to 10 338, which is the equivalent of slightly over 20 000 per year.
Even if these numbers might appear small compared to the record years, it is worth noting that the number of issued residence permits will in the end of the year form a third world town the size of little city.
–Leila Drake –

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Sweden’s loosing Sweden
Sweden’s loosing Sweden
15.9.2018 13:21

I just put it simple:
Sweden’s loose (or planned…) immigration policy is going to kill Sweden as we know it. Sweden will be/already is MENA located in the North.