Border Police claims, that the report of nonexistent-border control was hidden during Swedish elections

According Schengen-report Sweden has worst border control in Europe. At the end of 2017 EU officials performed a study amongst border guards and the results were hidden after the results came through.

Report says that border stations were under manned and the officials hadn’t knowledge to separate false passports and documents from the real ones.
Study shows that the worst situation was in Stockholms Arlanda airport.
Through Arlanda airport comes and goes 28 million passenger per year.
In Arlanda risk analysis were not used to separete incoming/returning jihadists.
Personel simply didn”t have tools and knowledge to separete jihadists from the normal passengers.
One border official who’s been working in Stockholm for years told to Kvällspost:
– There is no real border control, it’s just paper pushing. Report showed what we all ready knew. This is a Mickey Mouse-operation.
Last summer border patroling increased because of the estimate of the higher risk of general disorder and inner security.
Border police says that this was all just a fake controll, they pretended that border control was enforced.
Accordind the sources of Kvällsposten, the report was hidden, because of the political situation in Sweden and especially upcoming elections.
High ranking police officials deny these accusations saying that they were waiting on final results of the report.
This matter was made public by Kvällsposten which had parts of the report.
PT-media has reported many times, that Sweden hasn’t tightened its border control like the officials had claimed.
– Juhani Berg–

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18.9.2018 19:55

Kuten jossain aiemmassa kommentissani ihmettelinkin.. mistä lähtien ruotsissa muka on ollut toimiva ”rajavalvonta”? En uskonut enkä usko siihen. Mikit kattelee kun Musta-Pekat hiipii sisään tahi rynnii. Ja nämä sanat eivät olleet minun keksimiäni, syyttäkää Walt Disneya jos haluatte.