A student raped teacher during school day in the city of Jönköping

Rape cases wary so much now days that these acts are happening now in the bushes as in the schools.

Latest case was revealed in Jönköping where the new swede raped teacher in the school grounds.
Rape happened last friday in Jönköpings second grade school.
Perperator, 20 years old young man was caught by police officials. Rape happened inside the school property. After the incident police was alarmed and they apprehented accused perpetrator.
According Swedish state broadcast company SVT, the victim under circumstances is doing fairly well.
The student is suspended from tje school while investication is going on.
-Juhani Berg

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Multicultural version
Multicultural version
19.9.2018 18:49

Abbas song ”When I Kissed the Teacher” can now be singed with a new verb. Quess which one!