In Pori Finland an Iraq citizen have been arrested for murder


Albu-Salih Alaa is in the picture without pixeling.ko

Satakuntas district court have arrested Albu-Salih Alaa Kadhim Mahdi, born 1990 in Iraq, as a suspect for murder from last sunday.
Suspect have been sent in Pori’s police jail or in Turku’s prison.

Murder happened last sunday. Fire department was alarmed to an appartment due to a building fire located in Pori’s east park. Firemen found appartments holder dead.
Under police investigations came to light that victim had signs of violence, these signs indicated that victim had died on the injuries.
Several people were detained, but all others have been released, except Albu-Salih, who was then arrested for suspicion of murder. Suspect have not commented of his jailing.
Abu-Salih was well known in Satakunta’s area. He got ”work” in trucking company Kaukokiito in Sastamala town in a project called ”Home in Karkku”
The project was considered to be part of a good integration, in which Iraqis were acquired ”for work”.
According Alueviesti Abu-Salih was a hard worker and well liked Iraqi. In addition, the man has been a congregation election candidate as well as the murder victim in the Pori’s district of Teljä. The congregation tells in their own statement that they wish patience with the matter. The congregation is shocked by the events.
What went wrong with the integration?
– Juhani Berg–

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Yiuha Sipilae
Yiuha Sipilae
20.9.2018 17:09

I am in shock.

20.9.2018 18:15

I am shocked.

En tarkoittanut vaan, seli seli
En tarkoittanut vaan, seli seli
20.9.2018 18:27

Annan taloni matuille

Juha Sipuli
Juha Sipuli
20.9.2018 19:29

Shocked and saddened by the news from Pori. Strongly condemn the fictim. Our thoughts go out everyone affected.