Car burnings again in Oxie Malmö, extremely serious situation police says

Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-21 14-03-19
Smoked Citroen in Malmö.

On wednesday evening an information cathering was held in distressed Oxie’s suburban area in Malmö, according the weeks continued car burnings. What happened then?

More car burnings, ofcourse. Last night the new Swedes were running with Molotovs cocktails and yet another ten cars was burnt down. Biggest car grill was in Hammarbacks street where three cars was burnt simultaneously. Fire spred to the neighbouring cars so in total five cars was damaged.
Police says that Oxie’s new Swedes have their own kind of method which is used in almost every case on lighting the cars to fire. On top of the front wheel, under the mudguard is placed a gasoline bottle which is set on fire.
This way the fire starts slowly but when fire ignates the car explodes in flames.
Car burner gets to watch his doings from distance and watch the fire departments work putting down the fire.
On wednesday evening an information cathering was held in Oxie’s library according the carburnings. There has been carburnings almost every night in late summer and early fall. Area where the fires appear is fairly small.
Police asked areas inhabitants help for catching the car burners, because they know who they are, but no help/names was given.
There is not much to do catching the car burners. Police tries to find dna- or other traces from the wreckage so the car burners could be found and caught.
– Juhani Berg–

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21.9.2018 22:41

Ei se ole ”car grill” vaan ”car barbeque” 😀