Wild night in Stockholm area, shootings and stabbings

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In Sollentuna blade flashed at 0.50 am. Man was stabbed in the hand. After fifteen minutes another man was found from the bushes, stabbed to his back this time. Sollentuna area is notorious and no good news ever comes from this area.

In both cases victims injuries were severe, but not lethal.
These stabbings had many eye witnesses, but no suspects have been caught yet. Both stabbings are believed to be connected in the same chain of events.
In Upplands Väsby was yet another stabbing at 03.00 am.
The youths angered themselfs in a fight and Mora® (famous knife mark in Sweden) was revealed once again. Victim suffered injuries but they were not lethal. No suspects have been caught in this incident either.
Biggest operation of the night happened in Farsta, where a small sized urban warfare was going on at 22.00 pm. According 911-callers, the youth were shooting each other. Tens of rounds of shots were fired.
The action was all over when police arrived at location.
One young man was to be found in a ditch, he had many gun shot wounds. Man was taken to hospital, but his life couldn’t be saved.
Youngster was from Somalia and around 25 years old.
Police secluded shooting area for technical investication.
Bodycount of the night: One murder, no suspects been caught.
-Juhani Berg

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Qroquius Kad
Qroquius Kad
22.9.2018 22:26

Ah, it’s so vibrating multicultural!