Sweden Democratics home hit by fire bomb

Last night a fire bomb blast was struck at the Sweden Democratics home in Stockholm. The house of Mona-Lisa Larsson, resident of Salem, in Rönning, south of Stockholm, was tried to burn by throwing a molotov cocktail to house wall.

The event started at 03.40 when the fire department was alerted to Rönning, where the verandah of the house was on fire. The fire department, however, got the fire swiftly put down and the danger was over.
The house is home to Mona-Lisa Larsson, Chairman of the Sweden Democratics Party of the Salem Municipality, and her husband, Conny Wessberg who is also active in Sweden Democratics. Couple tells to Expressen that just before the fire started, they were sitting in the living room with a glass of wine when the bright light occured in the yard, then the fire erupted.
The Fire Department discovered some kind of fabric cloth from the porch that had been wetted with gasoline and then thrown to verandah.
Conny Wessberg tells to Expressen, that the attack was obviously political.
– My spouse has been a candidate for Rönning and her face is familiar with election advertisements along the road sides.
It is interesting to follow the event whichever is behind the blast: Young Muslims or Left-wingers.
-Juhani Berg

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24.9.2018 14:08

They are not young Muslims ,they are young parasites bacteria, viirus, Ebola .