A resistance movement of dissatisfied immigrants was formed in Malmö


Photo from the resistance movements meeting place where demonstration banderols were being prepared

An interesting resistance movement has formed in Malmö under the election, an resistance movement of immigrants.

It appeals to other immigrants to rise up to resistance and to fight hard against hard.
In the movements manifesto #welcometoresistance tells that, immigrants do not have to endure with bad treatment.
According to the movement, the problem is that, in their view, virtually whole Sweden is racist. It’s not just Sweden Democrats and necktienazis, but all of the parties and that public discussion, which is racist all and all. According the movement, whole Sweden has questioned the status of immigrants.
Last Sunday, the first demonstration took place, attended by two hundred foreigners and some Swedish immigration activists. The chants shouted in this demonstration were the usual ones ”No racists on our streets”, but now the banderols had a new attitude:

”Fight fire with fire fellow islamists. The city and the whole country belong to us!”

It’s interesting to see what kind of resistance the movement is building up.
We’ll keep an eye on the situation.
-Juhani Berg

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