Happy day: Ali got to stay in Sweden

Doris and Ali.

Good news. Ali Kvahari got temporary residence permit in Sweden under the so called ”Afghan law”. This matter is so news worthy, that it made it to the front page in the Swedish main radio company.

Ali lives in Eskilstuna. He is one these ”children who came alone”. He got residence permit already couple weeks a go, but there are now 9000 other Afghans waiting in line to be prosessed again in near months by migration officials. New hope has waken amongst these ”beard babies”
Maybe now, if life can finally start, could butterfly have wings, baby bird learns to fly. It’s like spring, everything is blooming. Joy comes back to life. Love conquers hate.
Ali’s ”substitute mother” Doris Rosenbacka is also very happy. She is almost in tears.
– We were fortunate, but I think things could have gone the other way also.

Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-26 11-28-47
Ali Rezai who has just turned 18 years old has already wrinkles around his eyes.
Ali Rezai is also very happy. And why not, long waited and yearned residence permit dropped to this beard baby’s mailbox. It caused high-pitched shouts of joy in the class room.
Ali’s previous asylum applications were turned down and he should have been deported long time a go. With the help of asylum seeker-activists and with different kind of complaints and complaints complain, deportation has been postponed. Ali has already started to study to become a car mechanic in second level school and now the
Afghan law came to Ali’s salvation.
In other way said, he had deportation threat hanging above him caused by many negative asylum decisions, but now because of his studies and the new Afghan law ruled in summer, he got temporary residence permit. After his studies the permit is for life.
Why I keep nagging about this then all of the time? The reason is that in Finland people should understand how big deal this is. This year 25000 independent asylum seekers will come to Sweden. Based on normal asylum status the residence permits are given 50 000 til the end of year 2018. On top of this comes 50 000 comers under family uniting. And then these 9 000 Afghan youths.
In total, ”refugees” from the third countries the number is 110 000. They all get to stay in Sweden.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-09-26 11-29-38
”When I get the life long residence permit, I maybe become a nurse.”
And now back to Ali, who is studying to become a car mechanic. Ali is so happy, now that he gets ti stay in Sweden. Despair started to rise, waiting for the decision. There was difficulties to sleep and stress. Now this car mechanic student can learn how to change tires as a start. It’s very important and essential skill in automobile industry. Ali is not planning to lay in bed, future sights are on a high level.
– When I get life long residence permit, then maybe I become as a nurse. Sweden truly needs nurses.
Even you don’t speak Swedish, you should watch STV’s news clip from time 9.33.
-Juhani Berg

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They know exactly what to say in front of the Media
They know exactly what to say in front of the Media
27.9.2018 15:58

They tell the Media what (they have been teached that) the Media wants to hear. And it´s the same old song: ”I´M GONNA STUDY” (for ever…) ”and WORK” (never…).