Pippi Longstocking moves to Rinkeby

When Pippi Longstocking used to live in house called Joyhill, she is now moving to Rinkeby.

And that’s not all. Accordind SR Pippi used to be a red haired swedish girl with freckles, as from now on with this new updated fairytale, she is from Romania and lives in Rinkeby.
The idea of the new Pippi Longstockings came from author Gunilla Lundgren, who held a writing class for Romanian children. Children wished to write about Pippi.
Eventually with help of the children they managed ro write whole book.
After long negotiations with Astrid Lindgrens family the permit was given to radio for publishing the story.
In this case the Romanians are actually beggers from Romania, not these so called Finnish gypsies.
Paavo Tajukangas would like to refine the idea little bit further. Here is a couple suggestions:
– Tommi and Annika changes their sex
– Pippis father the negro king is experiencing cultural obsession
– The horse Lilla Gubben in this fairytale feels it self as a monkey.
-Juhani Berg

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