Murder in Pori is particularly cruel, the victim's neck cut off

Local news paper Satakunnan Kansa writes that the murder of the East Park in Pori on September 16th was particularly cruel and the crime is being investigated as a murder.

According news paper Satakunnan Kansa, Iraqi had cut the victim’s throat and disconnected or tried to detach the head. In other words, Iraqi purely halal-slaughtered the woman.
Let’s think this for a second. An ordinary normal person can cause death where a victim is beaten and dies. However, the person does not intend to kill the victim. An ordinary person can also commit a man slaughter. Killing is not really planned, that is, it is not considered to be a murder. The killing just happens accidentally.
But now when person starts to cut someones throat aiming to behead the victim, it shows madness beyond the common sense. Normal person wouldn’t have nerve and stomach for a deed like this.
Now guestion here is that who and what this Iraqi man really is?
He has been involved in the activities of the church and has received a Christian revival.
A real christian would probably not feel such anger in normal daily life, that he tries to saw someones head off. Without knowing details of killing the motives can only be guessed.
Was killers converting to christian just an act and at some point he just crossed the line and the infidel victim couldn’t be tolerated no more. Does this killer have previous knowledge and experience of beheading business?
-Juhani Berg


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