Tensta districts branch office evacuates due to disturbance

In Stockholms Spånga-Tensta districts branch office evacuates from Lunda’s industrial estate due to disturbance. Personnel doesn’t dare to go to work no longer. There has been at least five attacks against the office in two weeks time.

In couple weeks time the office building has been shot at during night time.
Windows have been shot to pieces and some sort of bombs have been wired to offices main entrys doors.
There has also been fire bombs thrown at buildings walls and a flaming car tire was thrown thru main entrances door to the lobby area.
Situation is turning so bad that personnel doesn’t dare to go there no more.
Districts chief Per Kjellander tells that motive behind these attacks is the fact that the officials have been trying to decrease gang violence and help the youth out of these criminal circles.
-I get subtle hints, that I shouldn’t be doing these kind of changes, Kjellander tells to SVT’s local news.
According Kjellander the action was secretly organised so the criminals who defect, won’t be in touch with old gang members.
Someone or some youths have spilled the beans and told the plan to gang bangers.
This caused the attacks to the office building.
Now the offices needs to be relocated with its 200 employees.
There were other departments too in the premises than the “detection program”
-Juhani Berg

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