Nursing education is being started in the Somali language in Sweden


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I want to be a nurse…

Alvestas municipality is putting best foot forward. There is about to begin nursing education in the Somali language. First in Sweden.
Similiar concept have already been tried in Arabic.

Nurse schooling is kind of fast tracked. Nursing school takes 3 years. First year the teaching is in Somali language. On second year Swedish language comes to training and in third year the teaching is only in Swedish.
Project is put together with Alvestas municipality, Allbos schooling center and Employment Office. Students in these classes are expected to get in faster to working life at the end of school.
Teacher Najma Mohammad tells in SVT’s news:
– When things are discussed in persons native language, the student understands meanings and phrases better. The subject in hand becomes easier for student to understand. After this it’s easier to go deeper with studies and to have better understanding.
After the students have finished three years of schooling they are ready to job markets.
Many male students participate to these classes too, perhaps to go further with the studies and specialize to become for example as a gynecologic.

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Future professionals in gynecology…
-Juhani Berg

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Don’t write if you don’t understand the Swedish education system

This has nothing to do with a nurse!


Siten Matut opetta potilaan miten nopeasti matuja lisääntyy ,ja tuhoa sossu ..