The assault on the police officers in Skövde was worse than thought

New information is starting to reveal about the incident concerning police officers been attacked in Skövde. It seems that there was more than a little pushing and shoving.

It looks now that police officers got severe beating. First officer who stepped in to the bus to calm disturbance caused by the new swedes got assaulted right away. He lost his concious in the attack.
When he was lying and partly sitting on the bench of the bus, the new swedes kicked and beated officer so bad that he got his whole dental work renewed.
Blows to head were also so severe that they caused concussion and he is still hospitalised due the head injuries.
When the police officer got back to his senses, he was able to crawl out of the bus.
When other officers were helping the beaten officer out of the bus, yet another officer was beaten up. He got kicked from upward position to the upper body, but he was able to defence himself so the bruises and the damages weren’t so bad as in the first officers beating.
When the battle eased to trench warfare phase; police outside, new swedes inside the bus,
the new swedes decided to surrender.
Surrender is wrong expression in this case, because the new swedes had humiliated police officers 6-0, which was boosted with this free willing surrendering.
In the end police took four persons in custody.
So what is so important in this case?
The new swedes showed no signs of any fear, instead police force was beaten to the submissive position.
This is caused by fact that police officers showed fear, especially in the moment when the new swedes realized that police isn’t going to use guns or throw tear gas in the bus.
Instead police tried to negotiate with “coffee and bun” method to end the situation.
In this moment the new swedes realized they had won the game.
In this whole ordeal the worst thing for police is the losing of its authority.
In the future police officers will not have any authority in the eyes of the new swedes.
In upcoming times Skövde police officers can expect big problems.
-Juhani Berg

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