Cars are burning in Finland. In Helsinki and Vantaa this time.

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In the capitol region of Finland the cars are burning again. During last night in Helsinkis Tattarisuo one car was burned down and two cars met the same destiny in Vantaas Hakunila.

On sunday night five cars and one truck located nearby went up in smoke in Matinkylä Espoo. Police officials are investicating all of these incidents as arsons.
At the moment it’s not wise to compare these incidents to car burnings in Sweden.
Even thou the incidents in Matinkylä Espoo had same kind of reasons as most of Swedish car burnings, the motives seem not be the same as in Sweden.
These fires in Matinkylä area are also different in a way that this neighborhood ain’t that problematic as the areas in Sweden. Car burnings in Sweden are narrowed in a very small areas around problematic suburbs. Matinkylä in Espoo is not that disturbed area yet.
Comparison between car burnings in Finland and Sweden are made today by the main stream media. The reasons behind the fires in Sweden are said to be connected in and reasoned by the ”society” These explanations that ”the society is to blame” are not to believed, because most of commentaries don’t actually understand what is going on.
If and when police officials catch these suspects, we can start guessing the motives..
Some hints are leading towards to the left-wing activists.
-Juhani Berg

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