Story of the stowaway Afghan rabbits turns to a real adventure tale

Sometimes real adventure stories are revealed when you check behind these cases, some of them are very interesting too. Like for example the tale of the 26 years old Afghan child Ali Saleh Sali whose story turned out to be a real nail biter with all of its twists and turns

In the beginning of August ports security guard noticed 4 Afghan youths hanging around behind areas fences. Guard called the police and the quartet was sent on its way.
After couple of days the quartet was apprehended inside the ports gated area.
The surveillance cameras showed that the youths had climped over the fence to the ports yard.
The quartet was arrested and jailed. They were thought to try to smuggle themselfs inside a ship going abroad. In the port of Gothenburg these kind of stories are very common. The stowaways a.k.a. rabbits target especially ships going to Britain. The quartet in this incident told that they tried to go to Canada.

Kuvakaappaus 2018-10-08 15-14-09
Ali Saleh Ali, 26 years old child.
No one of the quartet had a residence permit and no papers what so ever, of course.
When police started to check the back grounds of these man, the DNA-tests showed that one these children, Ali Saleh Ali could be connected to a rape that happened in Malmö 25.5.2015.
At that time police found DNA, but couldn’t find match in their data system. The rape case had been open over three years.
Alis back ground is interesting. He came alone to Sweden in 2011, had negative decision on residence permit in 2012 and after that he went under ground. He resurfaced to books and covers after five years on 27.1.2017, when he made a new application for asylum. There hasn’t been a decission of it yet.
Ali doesn’t know how to read or write and he doesn’t speak Swedish and he lived in Iran before traveling to Sweden. For the rape Ali is now sentenced to prison for 4 years and 10 months. The sentence includes aggravated assault, unlawful threatening and so on.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-10-08 15-14-36

Abdul Khan alias Abdul Hussain Hussaini, age 18-26 years old.
The second rabbit has interesting history also. A youngster named Abdul Khan, alone travelled child from Afghanistan too, now age 18 at the time of incident. He had keep on a status as alone coming child. He lived in Malmö and went to second level school in Sorgenfri. He studied in a class designed to students aged between 16 to 20 years old youth.
Abdul surfaced on a invasion fall in 2015 and has now seeked residence permit according ”the school law”. But what do you know, after a closer look of the matter it came to light that Abdul Khan had another alias. He had another name, Abdul Hussain Hussaini and he was 26 years old.
Abdul was sentenced in Norway with that name and age after sexually abusing a child. He served 10 months in prison. Norways immigration officials couldn’t verify his true age and identity either.
Also the third rabbit Ali Sibtain Oruzgan had double identity. True name and age of this man never came to known for real. He told this and that when he was interrogated.
The quartet was sentenced in the end of August for two months in prison under the rule of illegal entry to the safety zone (which means closed areas in ports and airports).
Other cases gave Ali little less than 5 years prison sentence.
-Juhani Berg


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