It's hard to come across to migrants from third countries in Estonia


When I got to know Estonias society two years a go, it has teached me couple things about migration from third countries.

It’s hard to come across to migrants from third countries when you’re living in Estonia.  In Tallinn you might see african people every now and then, but in basic suburban areas like Öismääki or Haaberts or anywhere in the west side of Tallinn, you might see an african only once a month.
If you insist to see africans you should go hang around near university in Mustamäki at bus stop Akadeemia tee. Over there you might spot african students couple times in week.
In different kind of jobs I’ve seen africans only twice in two year period.
One was working in a shop in Nömme. Women spoke estonian language as its native tongue. The other one I met was a cleaner in Haaberts gasoline station. Not a single african bus- or taxidriver have I seen.
What makes this matter important is that not once have I met any arabs in the suburban areas. First arab that I met was in Viru hotels lobby bar. He spoke swedish with his friends. Last midsummer day I saw couple of arabs in the old town. I realized that they were these new Finns posing as tourists, who had come over to show off from Helsinki and because of the lower prices in Tallinn. In suburban areas there simply are not any arabs.
In other words, it’s nearly impossible to see any africans in the areas where normal people live. If you see an arab you can compare it as winning the lottery. So rare it is..
And when you go outside of Tallinn, like to Keila or to Padalski which are 20-40 km’s from Tallinn, you’ll never get to see any arabs or africans.
The difference comparing to Finland and Sweden is so crucial, that it’s hard to discribe.
Sometimes in my suburbs in Mustamäki I don’t see any comers/migrants in months.
When I travel to Finland by boat I see migrants as many as months spent in Tallinn all together. When I come to Helsinki the arabs and africans are parcel of the city picture same as the street signs. Not even to talk about Sweden.
Now it’s the time to ask a guestion that how can Estonian taxis and busses move with only its own citizens driving them?
What kind of added value would there be in the public transport if there would be amount x of arabians or african drivers? What kind of added value there would be with amount x in the taxi business, if there would be more foreigners driving them? Cleaning industry is also mentioned with this manner. Without foreign cleaners country would drown in its own shit.
But when I go to gym; live in a business hotel; the store where I do my shoppings and the busses that I use are clean and fresh even they are cleaned up by Estonians?
What added value would there be if the work would be done by africans or arabs?
Busses move on time, taxis are driven with precision to the address given and the cleaners keep places tidy. Theory says that this can’t be so. Busses and taxis wouldn’t move and the trash cans would be filled over. The claim that country would collapse without migration from the third countries is totally baseless.
When you compare the unemployment/employment statistic in Estonia and Sweden they are about the same, but smaller than ones in Finlands. People from third countries doesn’t effect Estonias unemployment stats at all. So the talks and claims that comers from third countries would lower unemployments stats is total bocus. These jobs done by africans and arabs would be done by swedes in Sweden all the same if these comers wouldn’t excist.
So the comer doesn’t effect unemployment statistics with any kind, except increasing them.
Talking about economic growth were are in the core of the matter. People from third countries didn’t effect Estonias situation at all. Estonia is never the less Europes biggest concerning the economic growth. Country is building up and newing its infra structure more than country in Europe. New companys are rising and after its indepence Estonia has developed more than any country in Europe.
What other country can say that it has risen to the top of the world in only 30 years (except Finland!) Reflecting to old Soviet-Estonia times, country has risen to be one of worlds top technology societies and compared to African countries after they got indepence, no counry has developed anything.
When comparison is made with Estonia and other Baltic sea’s countries, it’s obvious that the comers haven’t brought any added value to the societys they’ve wanted to enter.
-Juhani Berg

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It is not to late to stop this parasites viirus-bacteria with no mercy or game is over .


Many Finns dont want to clean, work in restaurants, wipe butts or drive buses as the salaries are bad and contracts short term. So you need those foreigners that you despise in your world that seems pretty narrow and heartless. They are people, remember ? And many have more heart than you show in writing this piece.


Just look @ unemployment rates among migrants how willing they are. Anyhow, it is true, also, that for most migrants living in bigger cities it will never be profitable to work. And that is where they live. So this project will probably only get worse, and eventually Finland will become like Greece with no national assets and only debt

Previously it was different

Working terms and conditions are deliberately made intolerable. Separate cleaning tasks are cut into small pieces littered over day in short batches and different locations. So it doesn’t pay off to work, by better shift planning it could be improved, but my best guess is that there is no will.

Arabs and Africans are incapable of doing any developments

”African countries after they got independence, no country has developed anything.”
This is very true. I have been wondering the same. Think of South-Korea. They had also extremely hard time until 1950’s, but straight after getting independence and peace they started building up society; learning, schooling developing technology and now the’re among one of the most developed nations. By far East Asians do well in international IQ tests. Arabs and Africans don’t.
Level of society is quite undisputed proof about intellectual gifts of its inhabitants.