What does the Afghan law (gymnaiselagen) actually mean?

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One reader sent me a guestion, asking to explain the so called afghan law “gymnasielagen” and its meaning in Sweden.

It’s a small scale trick that made Sweden to receive 12000 alone coming children with no guestions asked. With the afghan law at least 12000 alone coming children are given “the second chance” for the residence permit. The expression “second chance” is crucial in this case.
To seek the residence permit with this afghan law, person should fulfill three definitions:

  • Person has seeked asylum status as alone coming child before the date 24.11.2015
  • Person have waited the decission to application more than 15 months
  • Person has turned 18 years before receiving negative asylum decission

If “alone coming child” fills these criterions and he has seeked studying place in some secong degree school, person gets recident permission for 13 months at a time as long as the school lasts. When school ends person has 6 months time to show that he can sustain him self. In other words, if person finds job, the never ending occupational residence permit is secured.
Pretty wild eh?
Person comes to country seeking asylum, gets rejected. When deportation is hanging above his head, the government suddenly legislates a new law which gives a “second chance” to stay and a little leeway at a time if he has schools decission. After this person gets to stay with working based residence permit. Person seeking asylum turns in a fly as a occupational residence permit
When this law came into force last summer, its lawfulness was checked in a higher courts of immigration. When this instance aproved the law, so far 12000 alone coming children has seeked this new way to have residence permit. Most of these, some estimates 95% are afghans.
So Sweden got a lottery win. 12 000 alone coming. Afghan men amount of a small sized village or town.
Pretty fair, don’t you think? Could Finland have too afghan men amount of lets say towns sized same as Kalajoki, Ilmajoki, Liperi or Lapua?
-Juhani Berg

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