Mothers 4 year old boy turned out to be a girl


SVT’s Västerbottens local news tells a beautiful and touching story of a mother whose baby was born as a boy but at age of three expressed that he rather wanted to be a girl.

Mother Johanna had at the beginning three children. Two boys and one girl.
Suddenly turns out that situation turned on its head, mother Johanna had now two girls and one boy.
Baby named Flora who had ding dong between his legs, started at age of 3,5 wanting long hair and girly like pig tail. In addition child wanted to dress in girls clothes. Eventually mother realized that her child was a girl, not a boy. Child was then 4,5 years old.
After this mother started use pronoun ”she” instead of ”he” when talking about the child.
At this time Flora informed to his/her mother that he/she didn’t wanted to be called as a little boy, instead a little girl. Same time mother realized that this wasn’t a childish role play to test gender poundries.
This was serious ”adult matter”. This way mother accepted the case and continued the life this way. Boy should be a girl if he wanted so. Mother tells that matter is very natural.
Johanna has formed association, ”Mothers of trans children” which supports other mothers in same situations. Knowledge about this matter has been published widely in books and magazines in recent years. Further more there has been summer camps for trans children.
-Juhani Berg

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Mother Nature makes actually mistakes

Sometimes Mother Nature actually makes mistakes. Did you know that every fetus is female during the first sex weeks of living before transforming to boys and girls. EVERYTHING doesn’t depend on politics. EVERYTHING does not depend on migration.