What does the "blackmailing" actually mean in the migrant suburban areas?

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Mafiastyle blackmailing companys comes up every now then. Recently Aftonbladet wrote how in Järva’s suburban area has systematicly operated blackmailing operation.

This matter ain’t a new thing. There is one thing that goes mostly undetected. In this matter both sides profit. Subject of the blackmail profits on certain accepted rules, even if the subject doesn’t want to. So the subject isn’t innocent either. Expression “blackmail” is exaggerated in this case.
Järva districts small businesses are run by the new swedes. Only in Kista gallery can be found couple of stores run by native swedes. In Rinkeby and Tensta there are none.
This is good to keep in mind. There are 65 000 habitants in this area.
Whole thing bases on every areas own mafia, which has its own wholesale supplier.
Rinkeby, Tensta, Husby, Akalla and Kista is divided between these mafias very strictly.
Wholesale suppliers do not argue amonst themself, they aim to keep business going on.
This keeps money flowing to mafia, the wholesale supplier. The store owner is given two options.
Either he buys his goods or some of it from wholesale suppliers or he pays protection money. There are no other options. So with this case most of the shop keepers choose the first option. He starts to buy cigarettes, meat products, beverages and so on from the wholesale supplier with cheap price. The price is much lower compared to real wholesale suppliers. Shop owner has steady supply of products, just like from the real wholesale suppliers. The shop owner can even order the items he wants. The items are delivered in a couple of days notice.
The mafia wholesale suppliers materials are either stolen or imported from overseas.
For example Coca Cola in cans is imported from Germany or Turkey in large amounts.
Make a test in Rinkebys or Tenstas shops, you’ll probably get a can of soda with no deposit marks. In small convenience stores this is a rule. Also the cigarettes can be without taxmarkings and its from Liethuania. Of course the shop owner keeps the eye on to who he is selling these “foreign” cigarettes. Mostly the merchandise is stolen, groceries, chocolates and so on.
Wholesale supplier has its own “provider ring”, own thiefs, who do night shifts and are paid for it. Sometimes I read from the news that says thiefs stole large amount of meat products/canned food/chocolate/coffee and I know what is going on. You don’t need to wonder the stupidity of thiefs.
The shop owner needs receipts for his shoppings. Wholesale supplier knows this and the job description includes selling receipts with certain provision. This way the shop keeper profits being half forced to buy stolen goods. The shop owner understands very well the situation, but he can do nothing. If he wants to be legit, he has to pay the protection money, which is x-% of the sales of the store. That would make no sence.
Sometimes somebody doesn’t understand the name of the game and the shop is burned down or vandalized. There is always a new shop owner around the corner who are willing to play on wholesale suppliers rules. Most of the shop owners are using mafia suppliers and they are doing it free willingly and the business is mutual.
Pretty simple pattern. Business owner buys some of his products from the mafia with low price and makes better income with this than buying the stuff from the legit supplier. On top of this he gets to buy reciepts that makes business look legal.

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Rinkebys most diverse sausage kiosk.
With multiculturalism and hot dogs comes also cocaine, murders and other stuff.
This kind of operation couldn’t work in Finland. If someone would buy from small shop in Itäkeskus (big shopping centre in Helsinki, favourite place of new finns) for example can of soda with no refund mark or liethuanian cigarettes, the shop would be closed in no time. Somebody would rat out the owner of the shop. In Rinkeby this kind of enterpreneur wouldn’t be revealed. It wouldn’t be done anonymously either.
Local new Swedes hate the native ones so much, that they rather support the grey economy than not support it.
On the other hand, if someone would think that this kind of business is wrong, person doesn’t have the gut do make difference.
Good example of the situation is so called Greek restaurant incident. It’s openly black markets restaurant. It locates on the upper stairway inside the metro station next to entrance. From the outside you couldn’t make the difference, if you don’t know it. No advertisements, no nothing. Only metal door and peep hole in it looking outside. When you knock on the door bouncer estimates the client. You might get in or you might not, it depends.
I myself have visited the joint couple of times on a morning beer. Restaurant sells everything that usually is sold in restaurants plus the cocaine. That is done in dark.
City of Stockholm has rented the space to the “Greek cultural association”. Many local people knows the place. Everyone understands too that these areas are a world of its own. There is one rule: “Hear nothing, see nothing and mostly know nothing, if you still want to breathe”. When on top of this is put the hatred towards native swedes, the thing is ready. Parallel society with its own laws and economy.
So when we are talking about blackmailing, it’s infact not the case of running in a store to squeeze some money. Blackmailing includes wholesale supply and selling receipts and it’s million scale business money wise.
-Juhani Berg

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28.10.2018 10:27

This will definitely come to Finland too as the number of new country builders increase. The way is paved by tolerance, lies (nice talks and news), many benefits which are out of reach of native Finns and fast lanes to almost everywhere.
Once again. I want to thank our parliament, City of Helsinki administration, mentally sick and disoriented members of green and leftism parties and of course their supporters.
National coalition party (Kokoomus) is and will also be guilty, but from different reason, their motive power is money and selfishness.
On the whole. All of those groups shouldn’t have any power at all as they are mentally sick in promoting our country’s disaster.