Little bit of motivation to tax payers to start a new week

Tax payers obviously need little bit of motivation to start a new week. Remember to set the alarm clock to buzz one hour earlier, so that you get in time to grind for your taxes.

Annika has met joy and happines. She has now two golden nuggets in her home; Nasir and Abbas who are ”children who came alone”. They wish to get life time permit to stay in Sweden.
”Children who came alone” cafeterias customers and personel in the picture
– We want to help these children to assimilate in the society, Eric tells.
Margareta and Anneli have so much good in their life. Both of them have two of these ”children who came alone” living in their homes. Margareta (center at right) gets teary eyed:
– So much emotions, so much good emotions.
It makes me cry.
Alone coming afghan nugget Salim misses his dad and mom, who disappeared some where along the trail. Fortunanetly there is Helen who comforts Salim through the hardest feelings.
– Salim is so sensitive. I myself cry sometimes, but I try to stay strong that Salim gets a good start for his new life, Helen tells.
– I’m fortunate that I can help these children.
They are so sensitive and natural, Anette tells and hugs firmly two of these golden nuggets.
So make sure to adjust your alarm clock latest at 5.30 and let’s make a deal that you’re in working place at 6.00.
And no if’s and but’s with this matter.
We got to help these children, we can afford it.
-Juhani Berg

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22.10.2018 22:23

Kaikenlaista ???

Ällöttävii ämmii
Ällöttävii ämmii
23.10.2018 09:20

Musta muna pistää ihan itkettään, no voi voi. Kauheeta kun tollaset vanhat ällöt ämmät hilluu vielä himpineen ja haalii rattopoikii veronmaksajien kustannuksella.

23.10.2018 17:41

05.30 AM is not so early. Everyone should fix a second job, e.g. as morning paper- dealer 03.00-06.00.

Taas rivissä
Taas rivissä
25.10.2018 18:25
No more thanks. There are enough those children for every Annika
No more thanks. There are enough those children for every Annika
26.10.2018 20:17

Yes we have to work harder and harder while we get more of those free travelers. Naturally they’re unable to study or work as they have experienced so hard times. For some strange reason their fathers and mothers and ancestors haven’t either been able to do anything useful for their societies.
Moreover there is no need for guest workers as we have already quite high unemployment on our own.