What is it like in multicultural school

Interesting incident happened last week in Luleå. Schoolboy 8 years old, intimidated same aged girl with a knife. Soon after this boy did the same to schools personel who tried to intervene the situation.

One of the schools students parent tells to North-Swedens NSD:
– This situation has been on going through whole spring semester, but now with this autumn semester the situation has gone from bad to worse. Schools authorities doesn’t know how to intervene the situation. It’s not just one student, but a group of 5-7 immigrant pupils gang, who terrorizes whole class.
– Girls in the class are terrified. Boys are putting their hands under girls clothes, calling them whores and saying that they will rape their mothers.
Knife incident got started when a boy and a girl were sitting twosome in the kitchen area and the boy pulled out the knife and started threatening the girl. When personel tried to intervene, boys anger only grew.
This kind of situation is not unusual or new a phenomen.
One former teacher tells to PT-media, that situation is quite common in the schools or classes where these ”boys from the third countries” percentage reaches 10%, the boys start to molest swedish girls.
– This situation is happening every day in every school. All of these youths from the third countries are all a like, some of them might be little shy or doesn’t participate in terror, but they are in it in spirit. To these youths swedish girls are whores, as they’ve been tought in their homes. Directly or indirectly.
Their sisters are veiled from head to toe at early age. In their homes they are teached that these girls should be left alone. Even if the parents don’t say it out loud, that swedish girls are whores and that they are allowed to be bullied systematically, immigrants children understand otherwise. This view is supported by elder men in the same group. They think that women, even small girl or a grannie without a veil, is a whore.
Former teacher says that the situation is very difficult in schools. First of all parents doesn’t understand/speak language and second thing is that their cultural knowledge is very poor.
– Try to explain the matter to the parents with this kind of attitude. First of all the father takes the resistance, when women like me without a veil tries to makes sence to the matter. Discussions ended usually in chaos. I can’t recall one single incident where the father had been receiving to the situation.
This teacher worked in a school where percentage of migrants children was quite common, 30-40%.
– After couple of years I lost my faith to whole matter. No one dared to say nothing to these youths, little less taking things further. Whole thing was chaotic, that’s why these youths are called ”chaos blatte”. Whole education department was like a pasture where the herd of bulls roamed around.
– Teachers tried to controll this herd of bulls by keeping quiet and moving around invisible.
Any kind of sound made these bulls go wild and after that the rest of the day went on by trying to collect the herd back together and make it to be calm.
– In this kind of situation the students who want to learn are left without teaching.
– I lost my faith to whole system and seeked sick leave after another. I simply didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t care how they handled the matter after. The school made me obnoxious and I got stressed even more from the thought that I had to go back amongst the pack of noisy monkeys.
– Finally I resigned and seeked work from elsewhere. The time that I worked as a teacher, about five years, the change in personel was terrible. Some of them lasted only couple of weeks. Substitute teacher were crying most every day and most of them seeked sick leave.
And after that, whole new profession.
-Juhani Berg

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Multiculturalism has never worked

Multiculturalism is a bless say many Finnish policans including Alexander Stubb.
They must be complete idiots. Unfortunately people have vote these people in power. Are people and nations idiots too? I think they are.

Keep the shitculture away

Give me a better culture (if there are any, I doubt) and perhaps I’ll accept some parts of it. Give me a shit-culture and I’ll never accept it but will fight to keep it away from my country as much as I can.

Suomi Finland

Katsokaapa tuossa kuvassa olevia heppuja. Mitä veikkaatte tapahtuvan, jos profeetta Muhammedia loukataan?
Itse veikkaan, että heillä olisi asiassa painava sanansa sanottavanaan.
Tuo itse päätös ei tietenkään yllätä ketään.
Tästä pitäisi kyllä tehdä samaan tuomioistuimeen jatkokantelu:
Kun kerran Muhammed on nyt asetettu erikoisasemaan, niin saman tulisi koskea kaikkia muitakin. Myös nykyään eläviä ihmisiä. Muuten ihmiset ovat lain edessä eriarvoisessa asemassa ja sehän ei käy.