Syrian child brides husband gets a small jail sentence

One 20 year old syrian man married a 13 year old little girl in Turkey and had sex with her on their wedding night. Everything happened according islamic orthodox rules, but in Sweden court gave a sentence of raping of a child.

They both come from Syria where they fled the war 2014. Girl escaped with her family naturally. They were married in the same year in Turkey and initiating party with this marriage was girls family. Wedding couple are cousins and they had sex first time in their wedding night, girl was 13 years old at that time.
Couple came to Sweden with the invasion wave in autumn 2015 and they ended their journey to the city of Kalmar. Everything didn’t go as in the movies, when Kalmar social workers intervened to the matter, because girl was 14 years old and marriage couldn’t be legal according swedish law. And when the matter of sexual intercourse came to light, the case went under police investigation.
The case wasn’t as simple as thought. Girl told in interrogations that crime report was akward. She told that sex happened in voluntary way and the man didn’t force it. Girl kept on living with the husband and his brother in the same appartment. Both told in interrogations that they are happy.
Man told in interrogations that he didn’t know that marriage with under aged was illegal according turkish law. He appealed that in his culture it’s quite common to have sex with under aged.
Court considered the matter that now as they both are living in Sweden, and in there it is illegal to have sex with the child. The incident happened in Turkey and in there it is also illegal to have sex with the child. The court ruled its verdict saying that even if the crime happened abroad, the sentence can be 6 months in prison, if person regularly lives in Sweden.
With these grounds court gave to husband a 6 months imprisonment. The ruling took under consideration the fact that the accused was 20 years at the time of the deed. Girls tale about voluntary aspect of having sex (which was from her point of view totally natural thing) was also lowering sentence.
This case was made public by newspaper Östrasmaland
-Juhani Berg

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