A real Halloween weekend in Värmland Sweden, multiple rapes

During the weekend multiple rapes and attempts of the rape happened in Värmlands municipality. At least four rapes and one attempt of such kind.

Biggest day of these incidents and place was friday in Karlstad. Local night club Nöjesfabriken arranged a halloween party for the youths. Two rapes took place in this night club. One rape took place in emergency exits hallway where victim was dragged and raped. One rape happened nearby the night club, in the yard.
Between friday and saturday night a young women was raped in Kil. Youth were partying and after women left alone from the place, she was found laying on the grass field moments later. Report of an offence said that she was raped.
On sunday evening train kept rolling in Karlstad. Young women was attacked at running trail by an unknown man who attacked and pushed her to the ground. Women was strong enough to fight herself free. She was able to flee and made a report to police of attempted rape.
Police tells in SVT’s local news, that they have good descriptions on couple of these incidents, but the information haven’t been published nor anyone has been caught.
-Juhani Berg

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