Rape wave in Karlstad: 7 rapes and attempts of rape in couple of week time in the end of October

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It looks like that some sort of rape wave is going on in Karlstad and surrounding areas. Two more rapes have been reported in the end of this month in addition of five rapes that made the news couple days a go.

Previous rape happened saturday 20th of october, but police officials haven’t given basicly any information of this incident. All that is known this far is the fact that young under aged girl was attacked on saturday night. Unknown man attacked the girl and raped her.
Yet another incident happened on thursday 18th in the middle of the day. This deed ended to be only an attempt of the rape. Women was walking the dog, when again a unknown man assaulted her. Man punched her and tried to pull off womans clothes ”like a madman” as local newspaper NWT tells. Womans small dog started barking loudly and with that women was able to hit the man and was able to run away, as did the attacker.
Karlstad became known couple years a go when in winter 2016 a group just-arrived-migrants and gang of ”youths who came alone” roamed through the city and assaulted local youth (boys as well as girls) who ever came across. Then came to known the fact that these attackers were arrogant especially towards girls. Whole winter lasted ”taharrus” started in new years eve. (Big taharrus-night across Europe)
Girls and young women were seeking shelter from security guards and such like on many occasions, because of these harrasments. Sverigesradio was reporting of this matter.
Til the end of october has now happened atleast five rapes and two attempts of rape.
One rape happened in Kil, neighbouring municipality next to Karlstads city. No one has been caught conserning these rapes. Police haven’t given any descriptions of these rapists. There are 60000 habitants in Karlstad.
We will follow up this story.
-Juhani Berg

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