Socialdemocratics youth organisations district leader dreaming of jihadism


Socialdemocratics youth organisations statement caused a small scale outroar in Sweden. Scania district organisations chairman Mansour Ahmed have suspicious statements.

Problem seems to be that most political youth organisations (especially in Malmö district) are mostly new swedes and so is Scanias chairman. Mansour Ahmed has reportedly been caught speaking in meetings generally in homofobic, antisemitismic ways and have been told spreading extreme-islamic thoughts. He’s been told acting very aggressively.
Socialdemocratics youth organisations general director Andrea Törnestam tells to SVT’s news that there is big gap between the leadership and Ahmed.
This means that socialdemocrats don’t share this socialdemocrat new swedes thoughts, who is dreaming of killing gays, and who is having extreme islamic and antisemitism ideas.
The group SSU has given Ahmed two weeks time to change his sayings, otherwise the matter will be addressed more seriously.
-Juhani Berg

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To hell with SDP
To hell with SDP
3.11.2018 13:37

Social democratics fully share those ideas in supporting islam flood to Europe.
Islam always causes troubles like there and this is just the beginning.