United Nations together with EU giving Master Cards for free to incoming migrants

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Slovenian Nova24tv.si who uses police officials as a source, tells that UN and UNHCR-refugee organization are giving prepaid/charged Master Cards to refugees from third countries.

According the sources the card holds EU’s and UNCHR’s logos. In the spot that normally says the persons name as the cards beholder, it says now UNCHR. Most of the incoming refugees are said to be having these kind of cards, as they are preparing themselfs to continue the journey towards Germany and northern europe.
According the police officials these incomers are well equipped with new shoes, clothes and so on. Many have cashed out all of this Master Cards money from ATMs in Bosnia.
Master Card is working together with many charitable organizations, so that this card can be delt to UNHCR’s and other aid organizations use.

That what Paavo Tajukangas noticed in Stockholm 2015, when these incomers were arriving there to continue the trail to Finland, is that most of these had loose way of handling the euros. He saw many times how africans and arabs were buying cigarettes with 100 euro bills. (100 euro bills are accepted in the most of Stockholms stores).
Guestion suitable in this case is that where did these refugees got hold such amount of euros?
-Juhani Berg

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Who voted for Mastercard? Names? Someone from Sweden and Finland?


Many refugees who travel all the way to the Northern countries are not poor at all. It’s only natural that when wealthy people are escaping war they won’t stay in the poor and miserable camps of their neighbor countries.
Some of the refugees (who travel longer distances) would not need any financial help at all. But it’s very interesting that some organizations (and private millionaires) give funding to large groups of people in order to make them travel more far away from their home countries and purposefully making these people heading towards the countries that have totally different culture compared to theirs – and to the culture which they have great difficulties to adapt to or even to accept it.

Marja E

George Soros is paying most of them……Disgusting !!!!!!


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