A wild start of the week in Sweden as usual

Multiple shootings, stabbings, rapes and arsons in Sweden. There has been so many incidents between tuesday and wednesday, that we’ll take only the ”best” ones under consideration here.

Good old fashioned bar room brawl took place on tuesday in Märsta, north side of Stockholm. At least five person were taken to hospital. One with gunshot wounds and four with stabbing wounds.
Happening started little before midnight when in popular a bar of ”incomers”, they started fighting with each other. Tempers got so flared, that guns and knives were revealed. Multiple gunshots were fired. Police arrived at the location quickly and ”emotions” were settled.
After the search one victim with gunshot wound was found under the tables and four with stabbing wounds.
Everyone got ambulance ride to the hospital.
Police aprehended two persons at the scene and they were arrested next morning.
Target practise occured earlier on the same day in Haninge, south side of Stockholm.
At 12.55 a shooting took place in the yard of block of flats. One badly wounded was found hidden in the bushes when police arrived to the scene. Title that police investigates now is attempted murder, yet no one has been caught with this incident.
Big theatrical event has been going on in Uppsala too, where at least five cars were on fire in disturbed suburban area of Gottsunda when in writing (wednesday) this article.
It looks like that Gottsundas new swedes are ferment state at the moment.
On monday in the middle of the broad day light a group of youths invaded school in Ekebyvägen and started beating random students. At least 20 person took part in this event. Attacking youths had disappeared when police arrived to the location
Random building wall was shot at on tuesday 21.25 o’clock. Elderly couple lives in this house and police is saying that they can’t see no motive to this incident. Police has arrested 20 year old youngster as a suspect on this shooting. At this moment (wednesday) there is five cars on fire in Gottsundas notorious Barnstolsvägen. Fire spread to the neighbouring cars from the first two which was lid on fire first.
There has been shootings in Stockholm too. On tuesday evening a man was shot to foot.
Police had big operation with this incident but no one has been caught for this act.
Target of the shooting found himself on the hospitals ortobedic table.
In Malmö a rape was reported to have happened at 02.55 in Möllevångstorget.
Police don’t inform about this incident, other than that big part of neighbouring park had been fenced by the law officials to investigate during the night.
In Mölndal was practised a knife fight in the bus.The ticket inspectors were on the move in public transport and they found one passenger without valid ticket.
After this the person without ticket started waving a knife in the air and the situation escaleted to a knife fight. Police caught one suspect on this knifing in the bus happening.
Couple of car burnings to the end. Early morning time at 7.45 one car was burned in Hedemora. Cars were burning in Karlshamn at 00.51 o’clock as well two vans in Västerås at 19.15 o’clock and one car in Rosengård.
There you’ll have it for a start.
-Juhani Berg

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Nice multiculturalism. Those locals who vote for it are the utmost idiots or fools. How anyone can still believe that those people from Arab and African countries will be needed or useful for our societies? They just only consume resources or destroy.