Over 20 cars burned down during weekend

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During this weekend tens of cars have been burned down. Carbeque has been taken place all over the country. List includes grillings happened between Saturday and Sunday morning.

In Helsinborg three cars met its destiny at 02.00 o’clock on Saturday night. Or three cars was lid, but the fire spread to the two neighbouring cars.
In Motala one car was torched at 07.45 on Saturday morning. Car appeared to be stolen and used as doing ”gigs”.
Thanks giving was practiced in Malmö with delightful fireworks, when in Möllevången one car was blown up at 20.15. It appeared been moltovs cocktails waltz which ended in glorious end sonata.
Several cars were burned on Sunday night at 01.30 in Gothenburgs notorious Bergsjö suburban area. At least three cars were lid up and again the fire spread to the side-by-side cars.
At 02.30 a joyful car barbeque made of three cars took place in Lund. One car was put on fire and the cars next to it catched flames too.
Early in the morning at 06.30 o’clock in disturbed Rågsveds suburban area in Stockholm a Fathers day carbeque took place. 2-3 cars were molotov cocktailed and the flames caught side-by-side cars due the tensons flaring high. 5-6 cars totally burned down.
On the same Fathers day, the morning started by cars being grilled in Luleå at 07.15 o’clock. Random car was set on fire in Örnasets parking lot.
So in total over 20 cars destroyed.
And as in the Wheel of fortunes bonus round, one more: One car tried to drive in the Båstads police station. So far unknown men tried to back up the car several times against garages door, after it the door was in malfunction. Suspects fled the scene without being caught. Time of the incident was Saturday night after 20.00 o’clock.
-Juhani Berg

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Not interested
12.11.2018 11:33

Swedish Government doesn’t have time to think about shitty things like car burnings, shootings, rapes or other everyday criminality. They are only keen on thinking how to keep their own jobs.