Three africanos arrested for gangrape in Stockholm

You didn’t have to be a clairvoyant to figure out what was the plot of this gangrape in Södermalm on friday night.

More guestions arised on which war torn country these rapist came from. This time they came from east horn and one from the armpit of it. Stockholms district court jailed all three suspects of aggravated rape.
At this moment two somalians and one eritrean are sitting in jail. So this is over the borders multicultural gangrape. Suspects sitting in jail cell:
– Haashi, Yaxye Abdikarim, born 25.1.1998, lives in Tyresö. Citizen of Somalia.
– Hasan, Abdikarim, born 10.3.2000, lives in Stockholms Spånga. Citizen of Somalia.
– Omar, Abdualrhman, born 10.10.1989, lives in Gnesta. Citizen of Eritrea.
Way the things went down are not known yet, but like Paavo Tajukangas in an earlier article suspected the trio had such big heat, that the rape happened early in the evening, place in the middle of hundreds people walking about.
-Juhani Berg

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Nestori Lundahl

Is it true they were africans?
Maybe they just pretended to have pussy easier.


Asks for KKK .

The Lerssi

They do the only thing they can and understand.

pensavero ylös vihreät yhteydet

What is that- I don’t understand your logic??