Shooting incident in Stockholm turned to be a double murder

Shooting incident in Hallonberg has chanced to be a douple murder over night.

Both targets died in hospital during the night. Underworld tells that both victims had several gun shot wounds and accuracy was this time spot on, both of them had several gun shot wounds in their heads.
Way things went down are as follows. Targeted persons were on the move with their rented vehicle and they had parked their car on front of a parking garage next to a building complex. Two persons arrived to the scene with scooters next to parked car. Both of them fired tens of shots towards car.
At least one of the targeted persons tried to escape from the firing, but the hitmen finished the job. Both of the victims are middle-East origins.
This happening wasn’t a small time childsplay, but a hardened, well planned criminal hit, which was well organized and excecuted, literally.
PT-medias corresponder at the location in Hallonberg tells:
-Police officials in white overalls where searching the area all thru the night, they were combing the area. The area was still closed at 6.00 a.m. I didn’t notice or hear about this incident until I saw about it in the evening news, and realized that this incident took place in our yard.
-Interesting detail with this case is that when I went to walk the dog in the evening whole area was empty except the police officers.
Even every little creature had crawled to their closets.
-Juhani Berg

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