Four gang raping Afghans sentenced to prison in Seinäjoki Finland

Kuvakaappaus 2018-11-15 14-44-01

Yesterday in Seinäjoki, South-Ostrobothnias district court handled a rape case. On the accused bench were sitting five afghans escaping war, torture and persecution.

Incidents begun on the 20th of July, when Ghosuddin Ghiasuddi met South-Ostrobothnian 19-year old women. Women started from her naivity and good will friendship with the man. During Friday night things went down as follows: Group of men picked the woman for a car ride, after that group ended up to womans appartment.
Over there Ghiasuddin started to demand sex with the woman. Women told both in English and in Finnish, that she didn’t want to. Pressure had been hard and woman was afraid of the situation. In courts report comes out that womans feet were shaking, because she was so afraid. Man managed to rape the woman.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-11-15 14-44-01
This led to a situation where another afghan started to demand sex with woman.
He raped the woman too. After that third afghan raped the woman in vagina, in anal and orally. In one situation where afghan was raping the woman, she had closed her legs tightly. That made raping afghan furious and he spit on the woman.
Court desided that the man had with the threat of violence managed the woman to have sex with him. All and all three man raped the woman several times. At the appartment were fifth afghan too, but he didn’t take part in the act. He was more kind of cuckolding.
When his mates were having go at on the bed with the victim, he was filming the act with his phone. Underneath a picture of this cinema photographer, rest four afghans took care of raping.
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– On courts ruling Ghosuddin Ghiasuddin Waisuddin took part in several rapes and sentenced to prison for 2 years and 6 months.
– Chinigol Nawshadi was sentenced of rape for 2 years worth of prison.
– Ahmadi Nabin was also charged of rape and was sentenced for 2 years and 3 months in prison.
– Shafai Abdullatif was sentenced of rape and he got 3 years in prison.
– Abdoli Meeraj was sentenced of forcing the person on a sexual deed for 6 months probation. He had only been touching womans breast and filming while his friends were having rape acts with the woman.
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Four rapists mentioned first above are remaining in jail because the sentences were over two years long. They were sent to prison in Vaasa and are waiting the sentences to have laws enforcement. In addition the rapist were deemed on thousands euros worth of fines for mental suffering.
In Seinäjokis court house came another interesting side storyline. PT-medias reporter was filming on the hearing and YLE’s (finnish state news site) foreign background reporter came over to say that filming on the location wasn’t permitted and the persons accused weren’t to be filmed.
What is significant here?
Paavo Tajukangas has covered for years different kind of criminal cases in Sweden.
In Sweden these kind of acts of rape and humiliation, prison sentences would have been 4-5 years long. Another significant detail is that even this was a big time news there was no main stream medias reporters present.
Looking at these men, do they really look like they are running away from the war and escaping the torture and the persecution?
Beneath is a little film clip from the court house. Pay attention of these mens humble attitude as war escaping refugees..
-Juhani Berg