Recommended viewing: Matti, a real multi-talent

I came across to an interesting film in Youtube. It’s a story about Matti, a real Finnish multi-talent. Introduction of the film tells:

– Matti dredges, excavators, is a settler, repairs machines and grows chickens.
He is a real Finnish multi-talent and a hatched golden egg, not a “handless” one who relies on another for support.. He is a native Finnish man who let’s the action speak more than words. Mute he isn’t and he kisses too.
This makes you in good mood. Here is a true model of basic Finnish man.
He does what he wants, not what’s offered. Knows about machines and chickens. Knows how to weld and jokes around. Without men like Matti Finland wouldn’t stay up.
Who keeps Finnish infra structure up? It’s probably Matti. Ask about this from your multicultural friends.

Mikko Hamunens videos are recommended watching. Interesting according Paavo Tajukangas.

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