Flower arrangement stolen straight from the graveyard to newborn babys celebration

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Camillas 27-year old daughter died suddenly couple weeks a go. Mother bought with her family a big heart shaped flower arrangement, made of red and white roses to daughters grave place.

Daughter was buried in St.Nicolais churches cemetery. Mother set a big flower arrangement to her grave. Mother visited the grave every night after the funeral till last friday, when she noticed that the flower arrangement had disappeared. Only silk ribbon which said last fairwells was left on the grave.
Mother made an update to the social media which told the story and that she had made a report of an offence to police. Flower arrangement was stolen obviously.
As a result of the update to the social media, flower arrangement was found couple hours later in a another familys baby shower party. Party is a celebration of the newborn child, sort of.
In a small town the family of keeping the baby shower was soon discovered to be an arab family.  Mother asked police to help to get the flowers, but police didn’t give any help.
There for mother with her two daughers took the matters in their own hands and made a visit to this arab familys home. They knocked the door and told that they were there to get their flowers. New-swedes didn’t try to obstruct and mother got her flower arrangement back.
All and all mother was displeased with this incident, so she made a new update in the social media which told the names of these flower thieves. Arabs threatened to call the police because of it so the mother withdrew the names from her post.
Nice way to start newborns first party, eh? Flowers came straight from the cemetary.
-Juhani Berg

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