Flower arrangement theft new interesting shapes

Incident of a mother that made small scale outbursts from yesterday, where the flower arrangement on the dead and buried daughters grave were stolen and then found from the newborns baby shower party.

Can you believe that this native Swedish mother will get a small punishment for slander?
Further more SVT has taken side to this flower thieving family. Why, because they are people from the third country, that’s why.
Mother of the family where the flowers were found tells to SVT news a very sentimental sob story. Sympathy points guaranteed:
-We got the flower arrangement as a present. And from the get go we knew that origins of these flowers were illegal. That’s why we put the photo of these flowers to the social media if someone could recognize it.
Flower arrangement disappeared some time between Thursday and Friday, but through social media it was found on Friday night. Swedish mother went then to collect her flowers and tells in social media that when she told, that they had something of her belongings and is coming to for them, neoswede family didn’t react with any kind.
They just let her get the flowers with no arguments.
Would normal women react with this way, if she isn’t guilty of this matter? Of course not. There would have been a big rumble. Newborns mother would have fought till the bitter end for these flowers.
Besides the picture of the flower arrangement in Instagram wasn’t update of someone looking for rightful owner of the flowers. Picture was rather a normal photo taken in joyful family catering/ party.
Now the thieving party of this incident has made an criminal report to police of this Swedish mother because of flander. The Swedish mother made an update in Facebook on angry mood and gave the name and the address of this thieving neoswedish family. She took down the update soon. Thieving party has been threathened because of the matter. Women tells to SVT news:
-We have had many threats. We understand the big sorrow, but we don’t tolerate this kind of behavior and that’s why we’ve reported police on this matter.
It is obvious how this case ends, Swedish mother will be accused on flander and gets small fine. Flower thieving party gets nothing, not even a slap on wrist. So far the police is not even willing to inspect this case. And because small money wise value on this matter, case won’t get further.
-Juhani Berg

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Theft in DNA, couldn’t help it.