Alone coming children are real money making machine

Alone coming war children who entered Sweden 2015 are making some bill for the city of Stockholm. All and all 35 000 “youths” entered to Sweden, which of them 5 500 were placed to Stockholm.

SVT’s report reveals that housing units got paid by the city approx. 2000 krone per child per day. There has been cases where “nursing houses” have charged the city for 8000 krone per child per day (10 krone = 1 euro).
Calculations say that these alone coming cost to the city 26 billion krone, which is the same amount of money as justice departments or police forces yearly budget.
Alone coming children housing bases mainly so that city buys housing services from private sectors children’s homes. For example a children home which houses 10 alone coming, it charges the city approx. 400 euros per child. Orphanage sends bill to the city once a month which total sum is 120 000 euros.
There for alone coming is a real nugget of gold and a money making machine, which ever way you look at it. Alone comings net worth is way much bigger than ordinary native swedes. These “children” brings money to the house 12 000 euros per child in one month. Ordinary Swedish family with one child, where both parents go to work gets paid 3 500 euros per month. On top of this comes small child benefit.
How it is possible that natives can support their kids with this amount of money?
Of course in the case of housing unit there is fees for real estates maintenance and so on, but so does have this Swedish family with their 3500 euros income on their home/house.
From that sum they pay the living and other running expenses.
-Juhani Berg

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