Story of the rape victim from Seinäjoki


Gang rape incident in Seinäjoki Finland is truly disgusting crime.
Things surfaced around the case are also disgusting. Many instances have downplayed this gang rape. Like for example the police, who tried to restrain the outrage in social media, by underrating the case saying that this was not gang rape.

After this came another social media rage. Many have tried to put the blame on the girl, by saying that she asked for it, she is a refugee mattress and a libtard whore. The raping afghans got sympathy, not girl, the victim. When it was time to defend Finnish victim of the crime, they sided with raping afghans and defended them.
Girl contacted PT-media and she wants to bring some details of the case to light. We’ll call the girl as Anneli for now.
Anneli was 19-years old at the time of the deed. She has lived her whole life in South Ostrobothnia and she ain’t familiar such phenomena that young women knows to avoid in bigger cities, where there is young men from the third countries loitering at every corner. Anneli and other young women in Finland might be described with some words:
trusting, gullibling. They don’t suspect any evil with people.
When women in the bigger cities are raised up in to wariness, the other young women up north from Circle one (big connecting motor road in Helsinki) are gullible country girls.
Anneli was 16-years old teenager tending high school in the invasion fall 2015.
Do you think that at that age she even paid any attention to invasion which was going on? Teenagers tend to have other points of interests rather than stalk border crossing ”war refugees”
In Anneli’s case she is not to blame. She didn’t ask for this, she ain’t no refugee mattress, nor lidtard whore. You can put any Finnish family girl at her place. It was Anneli that got the ”jack pot” this time.
Kuvakaappaus 2018-11-24 23-51-15Story continues. Anneli had met this one afghan couple of times. The man in the picture.
His the one with the ”baby face” among the accused rapists. Anneli used to call him as a ”string bean”.
Not many can tell from the hip that he is afghan. Foreigner for sure, especially when he opens his mouth. At first Anneli didn’t know either that the man was afghan. But this doesn’t matter.
In the picture man looks little ragged, because he’s coming straight from the jail. Hair all messed up, taking care of the pineapple hairstyle is difficult in prison conditions. From the looks he could be any young guy in the outside world. Anneli had no reason to fear this guy. And yes, young people can date each other, even if the person is foreigner.
This was the basis to the incidents. Anneli couldn’t guess anyhow before hand, that this string bean was crooked as shit. This ”baby face” piece of dog pile had twisted, disturbed view of women. Thing that makes this case even more sickening is that most afghans loitering in Europe share same point of view towards women. String bean promised Anneli to be had to his older friends too.
When group entered Annelis apartment it happened half free willingly, but she couldn’t fore see that there would be a gang rape taking place in couple hours time.
At first there where meant to be only two of string beans friends, but eventually two more showed up, so there were five men present.
Anneli’s gullibleness and the fear in the situation was used against her. I won’t get in the sickening details more than this, Anneli didn’t show at any time that she was looking for to have sex with these men. When the demands started, she turned them down systematically, every last one.
Situation was so terrifying, that her legs trembled. Mens over power in mentally and in physically ways made situation where Anneli didn’t have any reasonable options..
She found herself in a situation where there was no way out.
Anneli told everyone, all the time that she didn’t want to have sex. During the raping only one man believed her and stopped the act. He is the one with the 6 months sentence.
After the events Anneli was in condition where she didn’t know what to do or how act.
String bean phoned her the following day and suggested that he could visit Anneli with new group of his friends. Baby face afghan paid visit to Anneli day before with his four friends, gang raped her and called the next day for more.
This time Anneli went in panic and ended up calling the police for help. Field officers handled the matter well and she has nothing to say about them. The case was first investigated as aggravated rape, but it changed by the prosecutor as a normal rape.
During the summer Anneli’s mental wellness went bad to worse and so she sought psychiatric treatment. At her first trip to hospital happened strange malpractice. She was thrown out in to the night from the hospital. This has been reported now and inquest awaits. Girl who had been raped was thrown out from psychiatric ward. Luckily Anneli got to stay with her mother.
After the rapes she couldn’t stay at her home, nor she couldn’t continue her studies in the clothing industry. She got place in the women’s shelter or something of the sort, where she has hanged on til the start of the trial. Anneli was present at the court, behind the shelter class where witness who are afraid tend to be. No one couldn’t see her during the trial. No one knew she was there.
After the sentences Anneli tried to commit suicide by overdosing sedatives and was sent to intensive care unit.
When Paavo Tajukangas talked to Anneli she was just released from the hospital and she has moved back to psychiatric treatment, where she wasn’t kicked out this time.
When Paavo Tajukangas asked Anneli, has she got any crisis help or something, it appears that Anneli has been left totally alone. She has her mother and maybe some friends. But the help needed after disgusting crime as this, she hasn’t got.
Anneli sees no basis for her future, she has no plans for it neither. Believe that life continues is gone. Small spark of hope exists, she hopes to get psychological therapy. There has been talks of this kind of treatment. She can’t move to other place/city and forget, to start all over, because she has nothing elsewhere.
When Paavo Tajukangas asked Anneli what her thoughts were of the afghans in general before the incident, she had basically none. This case has changed everything.
She continues that in Finland there is no knowledge of afghans.
-Finns don’t know afghans and their ways. Afghanistan isn’t a country where people need to come to seek refuge in Finland. They lied to me everything and I didn’t even knew they were afghans.
Anneli is struck by sentences the rapist got, because she expected the sentences to be much longer. The case isn’t closed on her behalf. It continues in Court of Appeals.
And the case itself stays still long in her mind.
-Juhani Berg