Today arrested Oulu's sex offender is acculture programs mascot

Anna otsEsikoto’s sporting youngster was caught today in Germany and brought to Oulu. Young girls faces pixeled.

Oulu’s police released today a warrant of the sex offender Aldhulaiei Qayssar, now he has been arrested in Germany by the police officials and it sure seems that this guy has been one of the mascots for Esikoto’s (Prehome in English) project.

In the picture above Qayssar has number 337 in his chest. Picture is taken in some sport event where there has been asylum seeking men and young Finnish girls
On top of this, the accused rapist and child molester has studied in Kastelli’s high school, the other picture released by the police is taken from this high school, according one of our reader.
At this time is justifiable to ask an important question. What part does these ”do good” retard organisations have by allowing the actions of these sex offenders from the third world?
You might understand that minors seeking refuge, who come with their parents, are placed to schools with Finnish children. What on earth is the function with the cases where these men from third countries, where no one knows their back ground and never will, are put together with young Finnish girls to play around with them.
With these multicultural ring games, men from third countries are more self-confident to approach little girls. This action means that there is some kind of approval for these men to advance with these manners.
They can’t understand that these ”do good retards” with their organisations are thinking that they are just like Finnish people.
In their homelands all little girls are walking in veils, women and little girls without a veil is nothing but a whore.
At this point it’s now or never that all of these acculture-organisations should be checked with an critical eye and learn from this Oulu’s incindent.
-Juhani Berg