Yet another Oulu's rapist found to be an asylum seeking mascot – in a special acculture program

Another one of Oulu’s eight rapists found to be an asylum seeking mascot Rahmani Gheibalia, an afghan born 1998 was interviewed by Iltalehti in May 2016. In this article man complains about the difficulties and prejudice concerning to get to know Finnish people.

Did Rahmani mean at the time, that it’s difficult to get acquainted with Finnish little girls? You don’t know. Iltalehti tells anyway, that Rahmani speaks fairly good Finnish after only four months stay in Finland. He dreams of becoming a car mechanic too. Rahmani tells to this Iltalehti tabloid that Finnish people are wonderful. Did Rahmani mean little girls or Oulu’s “refugee welcome-retards” who drove these asylum seeking afghans all over town to meet Finnish children.

Rahmani was in Finnish Red Cross’s Trust-program in 2016, which “developes differend models to increase local interaction”
It is not known did this program include field trips by asylum seekers to visit children daycare centers or what. This has probably happened.
Did Rahmami get the spark of grooming children thru asylum seeker-activists. That remains hidden so far.

Rahmani like in Germany captured another rapist Qayssari were educated in refugee center by this Trust-project, to know Finnish customs and become acquainted with Finnish people.

Leban Yahye Ibrahim, arabic speaking teacher of these asylum seekers tells to Iltalehti:

– Finnish people don’t need to be afraid of these refugees, activities together removes preconception on both sides, Ibrahim says.

Were these asylum seekers teached at that time different ways how to come on to Finnish little girls or what? That remains to be a secret too.

Justice departments chief inspector Katariina Nousiainen tells in this film clip, that prejudice is the biggest obstacle between Finnish people and “the war refugees”

– Prejudice has created insecurity and with that (to Finnish people) distrust, Nousiainen tells.

At this moment we don’t know for sure are Finnish little girls teached open-mindedness to meet these grown up men from third countries. It’s a mystery.

Paavo Tajukangas releases exceptional link to Iltalehti in his site, this tabloid is involved with this case by writing these sugar coated sob stories about these pedophiles.

Paavo Tajukangas says without doubt, that this all is just a prelude of things to come. Many instances are deleting fingers flaming at this very moment discriminating pictures of “refugees” visiting little girls. They are praying that these pics don’t end up in wrong hands.

-Juhani Berg

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Näitä SPR ja vokkibisneksen kotoutus ja tutustumisprojekteja on systemaattisesti järjestetty järjestämällä pääosin noin 90 % pääosin miehille tutustumisreissuja ja käyntejä ja työharjoittelua päiväkoteihin. Mikkelissä toiminta ajettiin alas sen saaman kritiikin takia kun lyhytkestoisissa pitempiaikaisesti lyhyissä pätkissä kerrallaan. Tällöin ei tarvitse tehdä selvitystä lasten kanssa olevien rikostaustasta. Oulun keissi varmaan vaikutti asiaan. Lisäksi on järjestetty diskoiltamia


It has been a trend in this asylum business from the beginning to let mostly young male arrivals 90 % of cases to get closer contact with Finnish population by enabling short periods of time in regular manner a child care work at kindergarten as in Mikkeli where the process was shut down due to critics that no criminal records were inspected when the duration is short… In 3 week periods renewed of course … Other Form is by arranging disco events… And etc