In a refugee center at Oravainen Finland has been practiced so called Batik sex for years

Refugee center’s women workers are said to be having sexual relationships with “alone coming children” located in Oravainen according Ostrobothnian newspaper Vasabladet.

Backround of these incidents are not that important. When talking about these alone coming refugee children, you should take under consideration that this term has three concepts and three falsities. They don’t come alone, they are not asylum seekers, and most of all they are not children.

Situation Oravainen goes like this, many women workers have had sex with young men calling themselfs 16-17 years old. This thing has been going on for years.

In Sweden where there is 100 000 more of these youngster, concept “batikhäxa” (batik witch) has been used for years. This term doesn’t have a word in Finnish or in English to explain the term. 

Batik witch is middle aged woman who is a “refugees welcome-activist”, who is in all of the gatherings where they get to meet these alone coming children. They become employed to work in orphanages and worst of them take their own mascot to live in their homes. Some of the notorious witches have taken several alone coming children in their homes.

Celebrity batik witches are parading their mascots in main stream media outlets. There is a tale of Nabdikarim, who misses his mother so bad that he whimpers at night. This child has big plans, he plans to be a atom physicist. The skill how to read is still little bit off thou. In these tales men are even put to sit in childrens sandboxes. Media plays the angle that there really is some vulnerable toddler, even if the picture shows that here is a grownup man. Age can only be guessed, but everyone can see if the subject is teenager minor or fully grown man in the heat, bed partner in his prime.

Batik witch and the mascot are clearly having sexual relationship, but there is something off, twisted, perverse. Other hand they are forced to play the game, that mascot is a alone coming child. And you don’t have sex with child, right? Batik witch can’t show her happiness to be seen, that she has a true stallion now in her bedroom, who lasts – and most of all will – do the jungle boogie with her night after night

Take a good look the pictures below. There are few most famous cases.
Men in the pictures are these alone coming children and everyone lives with his batik witch. It is obvious that this is not stepmother-son relationship, but in fact a sexual relationship.

These couples are forced to pretend, that alone coming is a child, but the sexual aspect isn’t hidden either. There has been really muddy cases along the years in Facebook’s discussion boards, where these witches are advising each other.

In one classic discussion case/ chain the middle aged women told how their children are crying at night time. When mom comes to comfort the child, he finds his way to her lap and in the end between MILFS’s thighs.
Women say that they offer sex at that time to comfort the child, or rather they can’t refuse.

Situation in Finland is the same. Finland doesn’t have this concept “Batik witch” yet. But when we visited couple years a go in Helsinki and asylum seekers strike camp, we sat in a disguise in their tent coffee shop sometimes long periods as a ‘mole” pretending to be a “libtard” and found out that batik witches are buzzing around these Arabianos and Africanos.

Situation in Oravainen should be taken “seriously”. It ain’t about pedophilia with children, these women have known precisely, that these children are in fact horny full grown men, not children, not even teens. Most of the women in these refugee circles are there for the same reasons. There might be some healers of the world and couple of retard men, but the motive is mainly the same, eternal. World wide known fact where ever many refugees have landed.

-Juhani Berg

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Suomi Finland

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A Batik bacteria of genitalia.


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Rekka Haavisto

Englanninkielessä “yksintulleista” käytetty ilmaisu on “unaccompanied minors”. Ilmaisusta “alone coming” tulee ihan muu, navan alle sijoittuva mielleyhtymä.