Wild weekend in Malmö – shootings and explosions

Sunday evening and night turned to be a bit wildside in Malmö. Bombs have been exploding like in a war zone. At least two separate big explosions took place.

First bomb went off in distressed suburban area Fosie. The bomb was set by timer to explode in apartment buildings hallway in notorious Censorgatan.
Hallway was damaged and windows were blown to bits, incident caused no human casualties.

This ain’t the first time same building and the same hallway has been targeted for this kind of action. Previous bombing happened in last months early days.

Police begun normal investigation by inspecting drivers to catch the bomb men. No one has been caught with this bombing thou.

At 03.00 happened really big explosion.

Mother of all hallway bombs was timered in perhaps even more notorious Ramels street in neighbouring suburb Rosengård. Entrance doors flew tens of meters from the place and structures of the building was severely damaged, according the fire departments statement. Firemen had to put pillars in the hallway to prevent the stair cases totally collapsing.

Buildings electrical center was in flames too. First floors apartment doors flew inside to the apartments, this means that there was a big risk of human casualties. No persons were injured thou.

Police is investigating the happening with normal routines by securing large area. Bomb dogs were used in searches to find more bombs that hasn’t explodes. After this police started technical investigation.
No one has been caught under suspection of this deed.

You can look the damages in Sydsvenskan’s article and pictures

It was a wild night in Malmö all and all. In same areas buildings were shoot at. At least one bullet went inside the room of the building. On Friday night half a dozen cars were burned too.

-Juhani Berg

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Free Kalashnikovs to everyone!

Suomi Finland

Sofia Helin and the production group of The Bridge could scoop endless flow of ideas from this new Great Malmö. But if the real world was be copied too meticulously the police would be just a bystander. The criminal groups are taking over and the normal society shall collapse. Mark my words.