Stockholm takes firm action against gang shootings with "serious discussions"

City of Stockholm is taking firm action in the future with youths involved in gang shootings. Method to solve this inconvenience is called ”seriousness discussion” (=alvarssamtal)!

Social councillor Jan Jönsson tells to SVT’s local news, that in the future first-timer offenders are planned to have these ”seriousness discussions” with in the 48 hours. 

With this practice, is hoped to have a precautionary effect. Serious discussion will be held, with social workers, police and youngsters parents being present. Wannabe criminals are shown that it’s really serious.

– We try show the model of a real man to these youths, what makes a man, how to considerate others, how to say stop when someone does something that you don’t like.

One thing has not been noticed, according Jönsson. Officials and personel working with cases are often threatened and targeted with violence.

Even if you don’t speak swedish, you should take look of news clip from time 1.12 minutes. This gives you a picture that now things are taken really seriously and the discussion are held with same seriousness.

-Juhani Berg

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Suomi Finland
Suomi Finland
25.12.2018 22:39

This serious is the ultimate serious. After the campaign there will be no criminals in Sweden. I wonder why this excellent idea did not come to anybody’s mind any earlier? If it was Sweden would be complete example of the perfect society already .

25.12.2018 23:45

Last few years I have been thinking that sweds are nuts. Now I am totally sure word ”nuts” is wrong word to describe this stupidity what lives in Swerige. For God sake they are idiots.

26.12.2018 12:11

No doubt they are idiots because they never fought for Sweden like Finnish people did .