Police is bringing forth the jailing of a man born 1982, as a suspect of killing a child

Helsinki’s police is bringing forth the jailing of ** Sohrabi, born 1982, as a suspect of killing a child in Arabia’s beach

Police suspects that this man killed a child on Christmas evening. Man was captured at the scene of crime. Police haven’t revealed the motives or the backgrounds of this killing so far.

– Term of classification on this crime is extremely cruelty and the brutal way of the deed and the fact that victim was a defendless child, says detective inspector Kirsi Kanth on Helsinki’s police station bulletin.
According the information the killing was extremely brutal.

We’ll stay tuned..

-Juhani Berg

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There is a rumor that member of Finnish parliament and City of Helsinki mayor Nazima Razmyar was/is friend of murderer (at least on FB): https://mvlehti.net/2018/12/27/oliko-nasima-razmyar-murhasta-epaillyn-ystava-oikeasti/
Nazima was a board member of Finnish company Viitakivi Oy that made lost of money from 2015 illegal intruders. Viitakivi Oy got tens of millions of euros taxpayers money for providing services & entertainment for those 2015 illegal intruders. Could her friendship(if it is true) be from that connection?


Nazi(ma) is Finnish socialist party SDP member. Her parents were Soviet occupation era officials in Afganistan. They needed to flea Afganistan when Soviet troops left Afganistan. Many people in Finland feel that Nazima is a second generation betrayer. Her parents betrayed their nation in Afganistan when they worked for occupation forces. Now Nazima betrays Finnish people when she pours taxpayers money to illegal immigration business in Helsinki as a Mayor and in parliament as politician.
Truly sad that these kind of people are in decision maker position…